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Dear Rodrigo Lauretto,
It was wonderful having your team at our Thursday Rotary luncheon to discuss the medical issues surrounding us both locally and internationally. We truly enjoyed having you inform us as well as our members and guests about the work you’re doing to publicly inform teenagers and adults alike on disease prevention rather than management. In a world dependent on pain management for healthcare it is refreshing to find doctors who are trying to focus more on the root of such healthcare issues by providing lectures and seminars on how to avoid such health issues before they are even an issue.

We know that your seminar will be greatly accepted across Rotary, who also has a vetted interest in healthcare and disease prevention. As the Rotary motto goes, Service Above Self is our key focus and we know that your team is also in the dedicated spirit of providing Service Above Self.

Colleen N. Grear, Palm Beach Rotary Club
Thank the partnership established with the company US Medical Seminars, where the speaker disseminates total mastery and transparency of the content, transmitting a lot of information assertively and clearly to our staff. We look forward to continuing this partnership in future events.

A. A., Mechichem
Participation was beneficial, leaving us comfortable to indicate them to Companies and Schools, where medical knowledge will add to people's Quality of Life!

A. S., Saint-Gobain
Contributing to the Safety and Health Campaign at our Company. We thank the presence of the distinct speaker, who greatly pleased the employees present, with relevant information and for donating us a useful and important book to be used in the Human Resources sector.

Thank and congratulate the excellent work done by the professionals of “US Medical Seminars”, precisely in what concerns to the lecture held at our Company. We are grateful to the Group for the way it has dealt with the issues addressed, and it is of great importance to raise awareness about STD and AIDS Prevention, Cancer, Alcoholism and Smoking.

M. P., Cargill, Inc.
Come to congratulate US Medical Seminars for the excellent lecture on Preventive Medicine. We are grateful for the opportunity to clarify and disseminate matters of extreme importance for the prevention of diseases, and to guarantee more Health to our Staff.

P. L., WEG Electric Corp