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What does US Medical Seminars do?

The US Medical Seminars bring information and Wellness about some Diseases like STD’s, Cancer, Legal Drugs and also on different health topics with up to date information on how best to treat and prevent many of the common health problems that affect the American people.

What are the Speaker’s Qualifications?

The Speakers are all licensed professionals who are trained public speakers and are actively practicing in the local community in their area of expertise. Some of our speakers are also a health professional.

How long has the network been in business?

The US American Seminars has been in Business for more than 25 years.

What’s different about your lectures?

The didactic and basis for our Seminars comes from the University of California, Berkeley, being one of the most prestigious regarding to Public Health in the United States. So that’s why our seminars are fully interactive and dynamic, creating an engaging atmosphere for all those present viewers.

What is the cost for this Lecture?

The service is totally free to eligible companies and groups.

What are the requirements that a company needs to meet to be eligible?

A company needs to meet the minimum requirement of 20 employees attending the lecture and arrange an appropriate place that allocates all your staff.

How do I schedule a lecture with you?

Call us at (305) 206-6250, or email us at: info@usmedicalseminars.com

How much notice do I need to schedule a lecture?

The minimum lead time is one week in order to hold our Speaker’s Agenda.

How many lectures can I schedule per year?

We recommend your company twice at year.

Why don’t I just stick with my insurance company and the speakers they provide?

The Speakers from US Medical Seminars are Health Professionals active in practice, prepared to be a public speaker, where they interact all the time with everyone present, creating a positive atmosphere. Most of the lectures provided by the insurance companies are not from a speaker in the health field, neither active nor in practice.

You don’t charge anything. Nothing is truly free; what’s the catch?

The US Medical Seminars doesn’t charge to present the lecture as long as the company meets the minimum requirement of 20 employees attending the Lecture. Therefore, as another benefit, at the end of the Lecture the speaker offers a complement material of preventions and cares, with more the 300 topics. However the purchase of that book it’s not mandatory.

How long are the lectures?

The lecture lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.

When can I hold the lectures (day/time)?

The Lectures are typically held in the first hour of the shift (being that day or night), during the lunch hour (being the most requested time), or in accordance to what the Company requests.

Can I request more than one Lecture in the same day?

Most of the Companies don’t want to decrease their production, so the Lecture can be presented in 2 or more sections.